I help you navigate through the fog of Traumatic Brain Injury and regain the control you've lost.

Gail Waitkun

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Navigate through the fog of Traumatic Brain Injury and regain the control you've lost.

  • Create a custom gameplan for recovery
    Identify your challenges and discover customized strategies that will assist you in obtaining your goals.

  • Mend your mind naturally
    Learn about the positive and negative effects that specific foods play in assisting your rapid recovery. 

  • How to safely and responsibly rebuild your physical ability
    Learn simple things that you can do on a daily basis that will put you on the winning path to recovery. 

  • Manage your lifestyle to support and enhance your recovery
    Learn the importance of maintaining a stress free, toxin free environment and mindset as the key to assisting in your recovery.

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Gail Waitkun, a TBI survivor, lives in Portland, Maine. She is a multi-talented entrepreneur and IIN health coach specializing in brain health. She has taught art, skin care and nutrition, but her passion is in brain health - specifically post head injury. She now helps guide others suffering from TBI through a process that makes a difference and helps ease the angst, suffering and misunderstanding that people with head injury often live with. Gail loves horses and everything outdoors, except jumping off cliffs! She is rarely seen without her constant companion Bosco, her devoted Havanese.

My Story


I remember swimming, biking, hiking and enjoying a very active lifestyle when I was in nursing school. Then in an instant, a car accident changed my entire world. I was grateful for surviving the accident but I had no idea what a battle I was in for. My TBI had taken me out of the game of life and I was exhausted and confused. My abilities to maintain connections and former activities had been severely compromised and the frustration and alienation I experienced led me down a very dark path. 

I tried reaching out to my doctors and friends, but because my invisible injury was invisible, I received little help. No one really knew what I was going through. When I found myself down and resorting to unhealthy measures, I realized that I was going to have to make my own difference. Having been a former athlete, quick thinker and someone who loved to learn, I decided to fix myself. I discovered many things that are not only helpful, but necessary to regain my former baseline in many areas. It took me years of trial and error to carve out a path that worked. The great news is, it doesn't need to take you years. 

Now, I love hiking, swimming and walking my dog Bosco again. I feel elated having developed a plan of action to help others. It feels so great to be able to write and gift my book to others and the feedback has been tremendous. We are all unique. A traumatic brain injury can affect everyone differently, although there are commonalities, especially in what can be done to help. If you are feeling stuck and alone, know that there are answers. You don't have to suffer and struggle alone. If this resonates with you, let's talk.

Together we can create a tailored plan of action based on your specific needs so you can stop feeling confused, emotional and constantly frustrated. 

Gail Waitkun

What you need to know about TBI

Traumatic Brain Injuries are known as “invisible” injuries and affect a lot of athletes.

Even though my TBI wasn't caused from a sports injury, I was an avid athlete before TBI. It wasn't until I began to research TBI that I began to understand how detrimental this issue is for so many young kids. They "look" fine, but aren't. That's why I've placed much of my focus on helping TBI-affected athletes and their families.

This "invisibility" is also why lots of doctors and health professionals that are overseeing the recovery process of TBI individuals do not see the problems.  I talk about this, at length, in my book "Heal Your TBI". 


Learn to ask the right questions and the information available for potential treatment becomes much more apparent. In my book, heal your TBI, I teach you how to identify and recognize hidden symptoms that are in need of attention.

Alone. Constantly confused, emotional and frustrated

This is what it feels like to live within the fog of a traumatic brain injury.  Simple addition can become impossible, stuttering can make a person feel inept, and loss of balance can make you or your TBI-affected family member want to throw in the towel. But I've been there, and know how to get out of the fog and into the light. 

Interaction, reassurance, understanding and validation are the first steps.

You can't do this alone.  Interaction is absolutely key to helping TBI-affected feel reassured and feel supported. Gaining control of your life after TBI can seem impossible but it's possible with the right support.

What People Say

Gail gives powerful, practical, and solid advice and a step-by-step approach to recover from traumatic brain injury. One of the major issues for people who have been suddenly sidelined by TBI is that they feel misunderstood and utterly hopeless. Author and health coach Gail Waitkun is a beautiful soul who knows exactly how this feels. Her relentless determination to find a way to function and get her life back has allowed her to carve out a comprehensive path to recovery.

Shaunna Menard, MD

Founder of the Health Professional Academy & DrShaunna.com

Gail Waitkun advocates for the identification of individuals who are healing alone and offers solutions for minimizing stress and inflammation. She has developed creative ways for staying organized, offers ideas for nutritional support, and provides a list of medical tests and specific practitioners that are recommended for helping to create a plan for healing a TBI when going at it alone.

Mark Hyman, MD

New York Times best-selling author of Food Fix,

Head of strategy and innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine​

Gail explores the fine line you have to walk between managing stress and still giving yourself enough challenges to make progress. She helps you identify some stresses that you would have never had anticipated. Most importantly, Gail leaves you with the understanding that, yes, things have changed, but that doesn’t mean things are worse! It’s my hope that you reach out to her before you lose hope. 

Shane Sauer

Owner and Trainer, MATRIX Personalized Fitness

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